Suzy in Asia, and a few in progress prototypes…

First of all, I am truly glad to announce that Little Suzy and her friend Mr Morphoblob arrived safely in Asia! My manufacturer gave me the final cost for production and I am rejoiced to say that, as I expected, little Suzy and her free resin pet Mr Morphoblob will be priced 250$ (+shipping costs, as usually ^^)

Suzy is going to be sold on a very special place, as I announced before, which will be ready very soon and I can tell you that it is one of the MOST exciting things I’ve ever done in my life!! I am just over the moon!!
If you want to be aware first place of the opening of her preorder, drop me an email at so I can add you to her list ^^

I also would like to share with you one of the greatest things ever happened to me. This is a video made by my friend Alden and using the photos of her aleah painted by Sally Chandler (our common friend) and those of Sally’s Aleah. I couldn’t tell how PROUD I have been watching this…

Also, and to reassure everyone; YES, I am working on new things… A lot of new things in fact!

First, as I didn’t expected such SUCCESS of the resin pet friends, and received TONS of demands about them.. I decided, because my collectors had my word that they will be exclusively given with the doll they belong to and I intend to keep my promise, I decided then, to create a new line of those little creatures.
They will NOT be the ones done exclusively to go with every of my dolls; but a special line available for sale. The price for each of them, depending on their sizes of course, will be around 35$ because I want them to be collectable and affordable for everyone ^^

Here is the Listener, he’s duty is to listen to every secret of yours and to keep them forever as a best friend would.

Now the Biter. He will bites every naughty goblins trying to reach your dolls whilst you sleep.

A toxic Elephant, wearing a gas mask to rescue people from pollution

and a Winged Whale, for if they can sing, therefore a Human can Dance; they too can fly. I see some every night flying in my studio.

I also work on some new prototypes. As you know, Suzy is the next preorder and I am proud and glad to say that already 40 of her are reserved; the next ones will be Louise and Aranud’s preorders as 37 are reserved… Then… Will come a very special girl that, I must confess it, I specially love.
Her name is Ettie, and she is not alike other dolls. She is NOT an anthro but in the lines of her very special body, in her attitude, she is a swan. She is a yosd, little one, like Aleah was; and well.. she’s very dear to my heart and named after My P<3, Paulette Goodreau whom has too this grace and nobility as a swan. Looking frail but so strong.

I also have another odd girl in progress, she is a ram woman. Why? Well, because a beloved friend of mine. I would like to call her Anasthasia as my friend, but need to have her agreement before.
Everyone knows the dollmaker, so talented and original, Anasthasia from Anasthasia’s workshop.
We were talking about a month ago about us. Because we too are born almost the same day, at the beginning of April and we are both Aries. Ana and I are VERY alike. and we gather on so many things that it’s a bliss to talk with her. At first meet, we had that instant connexion and the friendship popped like a fireworks in the night.
So talking about our birthdays, we agreed that she SHOULD make a ram anthro doll for she is so incredibly good at that. We recently compared our dolls, Aleah and her Robot. Made at different moments, on both sides of the world, not sharing our ideas and they simply could be like sisters. You can see the GORGEOUS photos Ana made of them HERE, on her blog.
So I thought that waiting for her ram anthro doll, it would be great for me to make one, dedicated to her and see again how we rejoin one another through our hands in spite of the distance ^^ Here is her head very in progress and not even sanded yet!

also, a couple of heads… On the left those following me since a long time will recognize Stella. The head, modified though, of my first porcelain BJD. I am thinking of  putting Stella’s head on Ettie’s swan body…I shall see.  And on the right… A head. She still has no name yet, but I think I am going to make a body for her.

Oh one last little thing I am truly glad of : I discovered 3D sculpting on a computer about a week ago.. It’s truly fantastic and those digital sculpts can be turned into real dolls thank to a machine called ” 3D Printer”… I think I am going to try that out too thank to the advice of my very very very dear friend Marlaine Verhelst who knows me so well : Yep! I am hooked as she expected me to! ^^ Please be very indulgent though, because it’s just my second attempt sculpting with it, and done half with the mouse, cause it’s still difficult for me to get used to the graphic palette… LOL


  1. Christin sweet friend!! Oh, Ettie is SO special… I mean, she amazes me, still in progress and she is
    full of life yet, and having such attitude!! This is why I named her after paulette, she is already phenomenal as my friend 🙂


  2. My darling Baby Doll Nefer, I am so very excited for you. How do you sleep with such creativity in your mind all the time….. I think your dreams must be magical xoxoxo CONGRATULATIONS on your sublime work sweet heart xoxo

  3. My Neffie baby….WELL you already know how I feel about little Suzy she beats with and of my heart <3<3<3<3 I am blessed and humbled…XXXXXOXOXOX
    Ettie is sublime my Neffie just sublime!! !!And I was thinking of Stella the other day and in fact was going back to find pics…. I was wondering what became of her as I loved her so…. So good to see her again!!! <3<3<3<3<3
    All the resin pets are adorable……… The listener and winged whale are faves!!! After Suzy
    s Morphoblob ofcourse! 😉
    LoVe YoU ThiS VERY BIGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  4. Wow, one sculpt is just better than the last. Each unique and beautiful. I love the little resin friends (the morpho pets). Not only are they simple and adorable but I love the little story or “job” of each friend.

  5. I cannot tell you how enchanted I am with my Aleah, who is now christened Anais – she is such a special creation! I cannot stop looking at her! What a talent you have, and lucky for me, you are fulfilling it! Cannot wait to see Suzy in all her glory and now – Ettie. I’m in awe!

  6. ah nan mais attention Ché : ceux qui prendront toutes les bestioles auront une bestiole gratuite huhuhu ( on est pas des monstres… Meme red XD)
    mais je te ficellerai tout ça dans du sucre avec de la souplesse, tu sentiras rien passer 😉
    mwah mwah mwah
    red monster XD

  7. I am back again for more Ettie. She would be perfect next to Aleah, who is so very dear to me. I’ll be your first pre-order for her. 😉 Magnificent.

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