Humpty, Suzy and morphoblob’s news; and a unique piece for my mother…

First of all, I have NEWS about Humpty Dumpty! ^^
I can now say that her date of delivery to me will be the 20th of June instead of the 15th; that is due to the fact that she had a

very nice success so I had to order many dolls, which always means a little longer to produce of course. As many of you asked me, I can say that so far, 58 Humpty are ordered.
I, of course, ordered some more dolls as I did for Aleah, BUT, if you ever are interested in her, let me know as soon as possible because those dolls will be based on ” first arrived, first served”.
And now…

Humpty Dumpty wearing a Spiderman suit for ABC Goodreau doll… And now, as Homer Simpson would sing about his pig :
Does whatever a spider-humpty does
Can she swing
From a web
No she can’t
She’s an egg!
Look Out
She is a spider-humpty!
I would like now to introduce you the free little resin jointed pet which will be offered with Suzy: THE MORPHOBLOB!
Suzy and Mr MorphoBlob left for Asia a few days ago so I will know more and open their preorder very soon now ^^
BUT, as previously said, Suzy will be sold in a still secret place which will be unveiled in a few days… No worries for those of you who are in the pre list for Suzy and her friend Morphoblob : you’ll be warned first and I will send you the link in avant première as usual ^^

To close that post, I want to tell you something that many already know about me : there’s a person in this world I cannot live without. not even a day.
I live with her, she is the very closest human being to me, she raises my kids, still raises me too to be honest LOL, she stands my unexpectable experiments which often end up by ruining her furnitures and… shame on me I know, but it can even happen to me to wake her in the middle of the night to show her something most urgent on one of my sculpt… She is also the only one daring to face my short temper and telling me to be quiet. Which I always do when she does so..
This is Linda my Mother.
Indispensable et irreplaceable presence by my side.
I am used since always, as he said that I had ” the science of making gifts” to choose her presents from me and my brother. If everything even the color of the sky changed when he passed away, one thing remain, immutable : I always buy at least two gifts for my mother on Xmas, Her birthday, Mother’s Day…
I did this year for Mother’s Day of course. But I remembered a sentence she said to a relative a few months ago ” Oh yes, if I want a doll, all I have to do is to ask Nefer and she will make one for me. But I don’t because she already works way too much.”
Therefore, in the middle of my prototypes and other earthen clay in progress sculpts, I added a new doll. Unique piece made from paperclay and the biggest I ever done; this is my way to tell her that I am never too busy for her.May I now introduce you “Maab returning from the corridor of Time”.
Her face has been painted with oil paints following the very same process used by Vermeer using is renown glaze technique (yep I got great books ^^) Therefore the shadows on her face come from the first layer of paint which is ash-gray… Yes, I had a panic time when I saw her face totally gray wondering how it would end up, but the master was of course right : that glaze technique WORKS. She is, of course, free standing, in a Degas ballerina pose and anatomically correct. Funny part : her arms as hands and fingers have NO armature. They are only built from paperclay ^^ The butterflies and cicada’s wings are in silk and organza made by me using a technique of mine. Working with spider webs… has been a NIGHTMARE! lol
Hope you’ll enjoy her my friends, as much as My Mother did last night; I wish to every Mother a Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. Oh
    I’m in tears! And I’m sure your maman also was in tears when she saw this amazing piece of art. It is superb, et magnifique.
    Many years together in happiness and love, that is my wish for you and all yours, dear Nefer.

  2. First let me say I love your little Spidey Humpty and the poem you made. So funny. Also Happy Mother’s day to you and your mother. She must have been amazed by your beautiful gift to her and she must be so proud of you. What a gorgeous and elegant doll she is. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  3. Maab is just sublime! ethereal, magical! I have a similar relationship with my mother, so I understand you perfectly ;P
    I love when you do an Art Doll sculpt, they are so unique.
    Congrats for both of you!

  4. Aw Nefer~~Your Mother must be so very proud of you!!! You are such a talented artist, caring, loving & very spiritual in my eyes~~The doll taht you made your mother was breathtaking~~Thank you so very much for sharing her with us~~You are a wonderful Daughter as well~~~Happy mothers Day to you too Nefer , to you & your Mom!!!! Dolly Hugs, JoAnn

  5. What a lovely tribute to your Mother, Nefer — She is beautiful in every way.

  6. I cannot find the words to describe how I feel looking at Maab………your mother must be over the moon. which is proper, as you and I like to dance there…..and Linda would be a joy to dance with us, as well……..

    well done MFF! xoxoxoxo

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom! 🙂 What a beautiful gift to your mom. Maab is gorgeous!

  8. Neffie!!!! My Neffie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am touched and gob smacked my darling dear friend you have such a gift, such an unbridled talent, I just love the way your hands and mind and heart work…… truly sublime.. And the love for your wonderful supporting beautiful mother… <3<3<3<3<3 XOXOXOXOXOXXO and it shows in Maab xoxoxox she is so very very special, and just so beautiful………… <3<3<3<3 xoXOXOxoxoxOXOXxoxoxOXoxoXOoXOox

  9. What an enigmatic beauty you have created for your Mum, Maab has seen much as she travelled through the corridor it seems.

  10. OMG what a precious salute to your mom. I know she must have cried when she saw it. You are special and because you are I know she must be too.

  11. Breathtaking!!!! Nefer you can see the love and tenderness in this fabulous piece of art! She is really very, very beautiful! I only hope that one day I have a daughter with a soul as pure and kind as you! To have taken so much time and care and to have expressed your love for her in this way is one of the most touching gestures I have ever seen. Your Mum is a very lucky lady!

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