Humpty Face up : Birdie and Atomic Candy, and how a collector blew me away with her talent…

I am not easily impressed. I am very critical and with me first place. My aunt is used to say that I am my first torturer. This is pretty true. I am used to only look at the highest, first because it forces me to improve my own work for I feel ashamed to be called an artist when I see some incredible work; so to deserve that name, I have to become better and FAST.

secondly because, looking at a Michelangelo’s sculpture makes think that we are NOTHING. we’re not immortal, we’re not genius but only little nobodies playing with clay. which is also very good to never forget who we really are for i completely HATE pretentious people. For one to think that he can be THAT important just makes me laugh and I pity those thinking so.

Therefore, as said above, I am very critical and not easy to impress.
It happened to me yesterday though. To be completely blown away.

I have a collector and friend, named Sally Chandler. She ordered a little Aleah saying she will “try” to paint her. Ok. Many of my collectors try themselves and often succeed at painting their own dolls. Yesterday she made me the favor to show me her painted aleah, for I always adore to see my girls in their new homes and personalities. I was far from thinking I was about being speechless.

In the meantime, your obedient servant Nefer kane, discovered that Sally takes incredible photos, makes amazing origami jewel and customizes BJD. She even takes commissions. So the first thing I did was to ask her for her price because if I can afford it, I will surely ask her to paint one of my OWN ball jointed dolls!
When such thing happens, it’s nothing but a Bliss. I feel so very proud that this or that very talented person chose my little sculpt to turn it into something so gorgeous. I am very grateful to think that maybe my sculpt inspired this or that person of great talent and must say that I consider such moment as one of the greatest rewards of the hours spent with clay…

I invite everyone to check on her SITE, which will be updated soon and where you can contact her. Yeah… I am sure many of you already know Sally, but for a regular resident of Jupiter where you’re aware of nothing as I am, it was pretty surprising! lol
And now, here are the photos of her Sublime Aleah, painted, wigged, dressed and photographed by Sally herself.

According to prove that I REALLY know who I am and what I am not, I am now asking for your indulgence about the following pictures of Humpty Dumpty and Mr Sluggy Doggie painted by the very little me. If not astounding, I can anyway say that this doll is just GREAT TO PAINT! I had fun as never whilst airbrushing her! she is very docile and can become anything you want her to be. she’s like a funny shaped blank canvas and I plan to order a few more Humpty girls for myself too to have fun again in June!

The preorder for miss Humpty Dumpty and her little free resin friend Mr Sluggy Doggie closes this week, so hurry up if you didn’t book yours! Already 60 are reserved, which truly makes me glad ^^

Oh and a little news : Suzy the tiny girl will too have a free resin pet friend, it’s a ” One Eyed Morpho Blob.” what a name eh? Well, it’s a blob which can be changed in any creature if Suzy the elf wishes to and she sees stories of her dreams by looking in its only eye… Very funny to sculpt! photos soon ^^

Now, please meet, Birdie and Atomic Candy with their tiny pals.
Birdie is the shell of a Mocking bird which decided to live her own life after her resident left her.
Atomic Candy is a toxic alien candy girl who is still in one piece and not eaten up yet, because of her toxic mark on her forehead.
Hope you like them ^^


  1. OMGosh Nefer~~I am sooooooooo glad that I ordered this cutie patootie doll~Since this is the first time that I ordered from you, will you do the same face-up on my Humpty Dumpty doll??? I really like the pink & green version!!!! Dolly Hugs, JoAnn Cayce P.S. Your face-ups are just as fabulous as Sally’s !!!!!!!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooh Joann you are the SWEETEST MY DEAR!!!! thank you so very much!! I feel SO honored that you like the face up so!! well of course I can make yours 🙂 I also propose face up commissions for my dolls 🙂
    You simply made my day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! big big hugs xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh my gosh. How adorable! I am so very glad Miss Humpty and her sluggie doggie will be coming to live at my house!!!

  4. Oh My Goodness Nefer – Birdie and Atomic Candy, along with their teeny pals, are absolutely adorable, you are amazing! I’m so glad to know that my little Suzy will have a fun teeny pal too! Love your work, your photos, everything – thanks much for sharing all the fun 🙂

  5. Nefer, Love, love, love what you did with Humpty and Mr. Sluggy! Spectacular!!!! They are going to be so much fun to have. Thank you for all your kind words about my face up on Aleah. YOU made wonderful Aleah, I just had the honor of painting her. Can’t wait to get my hands on these next two! xoxo

  6. I would love to hide in your mind and see what makes you tic. You have an insight and a passion that I have never seen before. You amaze me with you talent.

  7. Oh wow, they just blow me away! And you’re so creative, I love your concept for the two Humpty girls!

    My Humpty is going to be a little-known minor Goddess — the Goddess of ugly ducklings, clumsy people and people who sneak out of bed to eat chocolate at night. I’m not really sure yet how I want her to look… I’ll have to do some sketches!

  8. Ohmy Nefer, your Humpty Dumptys have so much personality, and, I love your characters’ stories…..somehow I can relate to all of them. Birdie’s determination touched my heart, and Atomic Candy is so deliciously deluded. How adorable. And, come on….peppermint candy nipples? How fun! You absolutely kill me. Who knew that people from Jupiter were so incredibly talented!

  9. OMG OMg OMg ……….. I am dancing inside and I cannot voice this as I’d like to as it’s just in type face and doesn’t quite convey the true excitement I want to express via the computer!!!!!!!!!! Arghhh I am excited like a child seeing these fantastic Miss Humpty’s!!!!!!! Neffie baby I am frustrated I want to hug you and demonstrate by voice but I cannot from here right now………… Sending love and BIg Big Hugs across to you my clever, amazingly talented ‘ Ol Neffie ‘ xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo

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