Humpty Dumpty’s resin samples are here!

I am over the moon.

I am over the moon because it’s been a beautiful day in many ways.
We had fun with my sons in the garden for the rain finally decided to leave our sky for a while, a bright sunny fresh day playing on the swings and telling jokes.
Then…. The postman rang at my door…. A beautiful package covered with chinese signs was here! HUMPTY DUMPTY AND MISTER SLUGGY DOGGIE RESIN SAMPLES ARE FINALLY THERE!

I must confess that, as for Aleah, I was terribly nervous. I can’t help with it and I guess it will never leave me, I am NERVOUS to see my work in resin. I wonder always if all is well, if the doll is still who I wanted her to be, if we didn’t suddenly become strangers….

I must say that Humpty Dumpty and her little pet friend Mr Sluggy Doggie are…. Beyond all my expectations. The samples are simply PERFECT. She still have that attitude I worked on a lot, she is heavy and very posable, her head even if big moves perfectly on its joint. That was a matter of worries for me as I know that Paperclay is extremely light when dry, and I was fearing a problem for such big head to be in heavy resin… But not at all! what a relief and a delight to see that resin fulfills all my desires and even more for that peculiar doll!

I know that many of you are awaiting impatiently for the measurements of Humpty and her tiny friends, but I had to wait to give them as from the prototype to the resin, there’s a shrinkage from 7 to 12%… So now, here are the final measurements of Miss Humpty Dumpty and Mr Sluggy Doggie, her free pet friend offered with her!

Humpty Dumpty :

Height : 11 inches/28 cm
Circumference of the head : 6,5 inches/ 16,5 cm
Leg’s length : 4 inches/ 10 cm
Arm’s length : 3 inches/7,5 cm

Chest circumference : 4,2 inches/ 11 cm
Waist circumference : 5,5 inches/ 14 cm
Hips circumference : 7 inches/ 18 cm
From shoulders to knees : 5,7 inches/ 15 cm
From shoulders to hips : 3 inches/ 8 cm
Foot’s length : 1,4 inch/ 3,5 cm

Mr Sluggy Doggie :
Height : 1 inch / about 3cm
Length : 1,2 inch / about 3,5cm

SO, now to answer a few questions I received that you may be several to wonder about; YES Miss Humpty Dumpty’s preorder is still open, you can preorder her HERE
The layaways are still available for her, all you have to do is to select at the bottom of the page the one you desire.
For those who booked their seats but haven’t finished their Aleah’s installments : I HAVE BOOKED YOUR SEAT!! Your Humpty Dumpty is RESERVED and there’s no worry to have ^^

YES, every Miss Humpty Dumpty will have her FREE Mr Sluggy Doggie ( so if you take more than one Humpty, You’ll get more than One Sluggy Doggie)

If you have any question please feel free to contact me at : I am always at your disposal ^^

NOW….. Dundunduuuuuuuuuuuuun <— dramatic Music….. THE PICTURES!!!!! Taken with my Assistant Louis, my elder son who’s already FOND of his Humpty and Sluggy, he said ” She is almost as sweet as paulette’s ABC!” which is a ginormous compliment! lol


  1. Her posability (is that even a Word?). Is fantastic and that so adorable little face. Love the special little doggie too! Wonderful simply wonderful. Icanhardly wait to have her come to live at my house with all my other dolly folks! What a marvelous creation thanks for sharing your talents!

  2. Nefer Kane !!!! As the Cubans say: te la comistes !!!! That means WOWWWWWW to many !!!!! SOOOOOO adorable !!!!!! ❤
    Keep creating beautifully me dear ! You truly are gifted !!!! Love u !!! Xooxooooo

  3. another fabulous job Nefer…. So super cute… I love how cute and round she is… adorable… and the puppy is super cute too… ❤ ❤ Jessi

  4. Oh so adorable! I especially love the picture of Humpty cradling her Sluggy Doggie in her arms!! Bravo, dear Nefer!

    P.S. We grow BUMPER crops of slugs here in the Pacific Northwest! Never thought I’d meet a Sluggy I’d want to cuddle, but you’ve proven me wrong with little Sluggy Doggie! 🙂

  5. OMGosh Humpty Dumpty Is simply Gorgeous~~I am soooooooooooooo happy that I have placed an order for her!!!! Fabulous work Nefer!!!! Love, Love, Love her & slum doggie!!!!! Dolly Hugs, JoAnn Cayce

  6. Oh my goodness! Just look at her with the sun shining on her precious little face! This doll has feelings, I’m sure of it! Nefer I haven’t known you very long but I know that you must be so very proud of your beautiful baby Humpty! Well done my friend! 😉

    Roni 🙂

  7. Voilà une tres charmante et adorable personne,qui avec son petit compagnon a élu domicile chez Nefer à la plus grande joie de sa famille et qui pourra ,elle,aussi nous murmurer des douceurs !!!!!

  8. EEEEEEEEEEK!!!! I can’t even put into words how gorgeous and unique she is! She looks AMAZING in her new resin skin :0) I’m so, so excited, I feel truly lucky to to own this beautiful piece of art and her little pet ;0)

    Thank you Nefer, you are a dolly genious!

  9. She is just beautiful and adorable and amazing. I love the pictures of her on the grass. And her little doggy is just too cute. What a great duo. Congratulations, Nefer, on another amazing creation.

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  11. I have been trying to look the other direction but I don’t think I can.
    I am in love with Humpty and Sluggy!!

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