ANSWER THE POLL : Ettie or Maheya!

Little Suzy will be here very soon now… and it’s time to open a new preorder!
I still have a few extra Suzy, but many have been sold, therefore do not hesitate to contact me asap if you want to adopt yours ^^
Some fullsets will be displayed on my friend Heliantas sales table! All these fullsets will be painted, dressed and wigged by Heliantas!

It’s always very difficult to please everyone. Though I try… I think it’s in my nature and can’t help with it, I like to see people happy all around.

I have been extremely pleased to see how my new prototypes have been welcome by all of you. Sculpting a prototype is always a risky job : the doll can be loved

or hated… Fortunately so far, you all confirmed me your love for my work and it’s really a great moment for an anxious and nervous dollmaker as I am.. THANK YOU ^^
Anyway, I presented Ettie, then Maheya and… I think I received as many demands for both of them… I have no idea which one to produce first. Therefore, as I love to involve you

in the process of my doll’s production; after all, they will be YOUR dolls so your opinion counts a lot; I decided to create a poll. Everyone can vote of course; all you have to do is to reply the email you will receive
from me if you are in my mailing list mentioning which doll you’d like to see produced first, OR to comment on this post naming the doll you want me to open the preorder first!
I will publish the result in a few days and open the new preorder then!
So, Ettie the swan lady or Maheya the sister of Aleah?


MAHEYA (same body than Aleah as she is her sister) :


  1. I vote for Maheya. I missed out on Aleah. I Love both dolls equally but I would want Maheya first. Thank you! Beckie

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  2. Oh boy! Both Neffie both… 🙂 I say Ettie she is so graceful and animated in her movements.. Maheya is saying something to me but Ettie takes me away from my heartache this morning. Xoxoxo thank you for that xoxoxoxo

  3. I say Eppie – she is so beautiful, unusual and graceful looking. Can’t wait to see Iracebeth.

  4. I love them both! I guess I would like to see Maheya first. I can’t wait to see them finished!

  5. I adore both, of course, and I love Ettie’s dreamy face and flowing movements, but I vote for Maheya to be produced first. I missed out on Aleah so for me, she is like a second chance, ‘must have’ 🙂

  6. Ettie est très stylisée, superbe, mais la bouille de Maheya me fait fondre… choix super délicat mais je vais suivre ma première intention et répondre Ettie 🙂

  7. Hello, I vote to have Maheya produced first. Although, both are incredible!

    Thank you very much for asking us our opinion! Cheryl

  8. The suspense, ahh, the suspense….who will it be? I keep checking back for an update…waiting on pins and needles to see if Aleah will get her sister.

  9. I want both of them !! They are beautiful. Will you send me one that is painted so I can see how she will look? And don’t forget a price list. Please. Thank you, Charlotte

  10. They are bothe beautiful…I want them bothe. Please send me pics of both when they are painted and a price list.Please. Thank you, Charlotte

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