Result of Ettie and Maheya’s poll and Photos of Iracebteh!

I never expected such participation to my modest poll…. I thought that only some of my collectors would answer; but I finally got

an amazing amount of answers and even from followers I didn’t know before. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST KIND FRIENDS!!!

So…. Dunduuuunduuuuuuuuuun<— dramatical Music… Who won? Who will be my next preorder?

Let’s count together.
There’s been :
1 vote for Alice ( LOL)
4 votes for Iracebth ( LOL again)
74 votes for Maheya

Therefore, I can announce she is already flying to Asia with Maheya and Iracebeth ( whom are finished too)

and her preorder will open this week, at most next monday ^^
She will come in WHITE resin, as she is a swan girl but I will charge more for the color ^^
Her pet, the winged whale will be offered of course!
I will announce her final price once my manufacturer as her in hands and can tell me precisely the production cost.

Therefore : more news to come these very days!!

Congratulations Little Ettie!

But don’t worry Maheya’s lovers : Maheya’s preorder will open right after Ettie’s one!!

I am very honored that many of you awaiting for the final photos of Iracebteh the Red Queen of my Alice in Wonderland Series.
It can seem strange, but only after seeing the half done face and half of the body, I can say that already 44 Iracebeth are reserved…
Here comes the time to unveil the final prototype… She has heart shaped holes to her hips, feet, hands and shoulders joints. She has double hidden joints to her
Knees and Elbows. She is about 34/37cm ( but final size will be precisely published after the first resin sample arrives)
Her preorder will begin just after Maheya’s one ^^


  1. Nefer – I am absolutely enchanted with this new girl! She is strange, but in a lovely, surreal way. I will be looking at her photos often.

  2. Iracebteh the Red Queen is very cool. I can’t wait to see her painted and wigged. She has some great potential. “Good bones.”

  3. I know for sure now that Iracebeth is the doll I want. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to vote!!

  4. Arf, Pfff.
    Elle est merveilleuse Iracebeth . Elle fait boum boum dans mon petit coeur.
    Trop hâte de pouvoir me l’offrir, heureusement qu’il y aura quelques pré-orders avant, que je puisse économiser.
    Félicitations, les trous en coeur c’est LE petit détail qui claque et qui ajoute une touche terrrrriblement personnelle et originale.

  5. I am so happy Ettie won – even though I voted for Maheya 🙂 It seems this swan lady is very special to you, and I can see why. She truly is a work of art, amazing in every way. And so is Iracebeth! Now after seeing her final pictures, all I can say is ‘wow’! The Queen of Hearts stole mine, for sure…

  6. J’aime beaucoup l’expression du visage, mais pas du tout son corp ! Mais il en faut pour tous les goûts ! Superbe création !

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