SURPRISE SURPRISE!! Mini Cheshire cat!

I received many demands… Some for a tiny creatures of the same style than Humpty, some for more characters from Alice in Wonderland, some for Anthro dolls, for bigger pets for my dolls….

I was watching the other night Alice by Tim Burton when I realized that his Cheshire Cat is plainly obese. LOL Cheshire Cat is always quite fat, but Tim Burton’s one
is really a plump fellow!
Then I was thinking of dolls during all the movie, when I thought ” A doll with Paulette’s ABC style and the Cheshire cat’s face would be AWESOME.”

I talked about it to My P<3, Paulette Goodreau and she agreed that it was a “must be done”! So even if everyone hates that new prototype, at least Paulette and I will adopt him! LOL
The idea to make it tiny has many advantages : It’ll be cheaper, MUCH cheaper, it can stand on Alice’s shoulder ( Alice’s New Head on Humpty’s body)
And would fulfill the massive demands I had right after Suzy’s preorder for new tiny dolls!

Also, I started some more heads for this “Plum Body” ( serious, it looks like a plum! LOL)
So I can already announce that there will be a baby Unicorn, a Squid ( yep.. I dared.. I adore Squids.) a Doe, and errr.. A Pudding. Like the cake. A Pudding head. LOL

Anyway and tonight to start this new line, and because I forgot to take the photos of the other heads and his magnetic tail OF COURSE, Here is Ches! The Cheshire Cat!
He is about 12cm tall and will be available soon! The way I sculpted him will allow a customization with close OR open eyes which is a great advantage I think ^^
He has simple joints but he’s very poseable! Hope you enjoy him ^^


  1. What a wonderful surprise. She is very cute. I love the ABC girls. I have all of them. So will the cat be available painted? and are you saying that Alice will come with Humptys body. This is very exciting. Tell us more please. Lucy

  2. Yes heliantas and I will propose a face up option for him 🙂
    Yes Alice comes on Humpty’s body but with new hands and feet 🙂
    I too have some ABC : they are AWESOME!!
    Thank you so very much sweet Lucy ❤

  3. I must have one of these Cheshire cats!’ I already know exactly how I’ll paint him. I may have to do one with open eyes too! I can’t wait to see the Squid you make! I Love Squids too!! And the pudding head!!! Anything you make will be Amazing!!! Beckie

  4. Ohhhhhhh Nefer he is DIVINE!!!!! He looks like he knows a big fat secret & is gloating about it!! I LOVE him, Dolls have never filled my heart with as much joy as they do now seeing yours dear one, you really streach the imagination & I am all about streatching ones imagination!!! CONGRATULATIONS he is Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. I absolutely LOVE all of your ideas!!! I’m so glad I found you. Thanks for sharing your gift…..Charlotte

  6. Oh my God, just when I thought there will be no more dolls I simply MUST HAVE for a while… There comes this creature! Good thing you say he will be cheap 🙂 Seriously, Nefer, I never thought an artist even CAN have so many different, original ideas, and be able to show them in clay, in such a short time! And every one of your dolls is like a precious gem, completely unique and breathtaking. This little kitty is no exception, and what a lovely idea with painted eyes!.. My admiration of you knows no limits, just as your inspiration, apparently 😉

  7. This is a must have for me – I have adopted all of Paulette’s ABC kids in full dress plus five more ABC OOAK’s created by Michele Hardy and two more dress-up ABC dolls for the fashions people create!. My ABC kids would abandon me if I didn’t orderin for this feline masterpiece! Carly in PA

  8. AMAZING!!!! UTTERLY, UTTERLY AMAZING!!! Oh God I really need this superb little cat as well! Nefer it’s like everything you touch at the moment turns to pure gold!

  9. OMG he’s gorgeous! will he be available for sale? Also i really love your Ettie doll, have i missed her?

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