Ettie’s preorder officially OPEN!

So, you were all very impatient, and I thank you for your delightful enthusiasm! It is now time to

officially open Ettie’s preorder as her prototype is now safe in my manufacturer’s hands and the resin samples

dolls ordered!

Ettie is about 35cm, Yosd size, she will be casted in WHITE resin as she is a swan. She will come with a handmade pair of glass eyes and her

free resin jointed pet friend ” The Winged Whale.”
Her price is 395$; shipping wherever your location is, is 35$ and there is 10$ for paypal fees.
I propose layaways and installments as usual, till 4 payments for a doll. Of course there’s also a special price if you purchase  more than one Ettie, in this case,
Please contact me directly through email for several dolls.
The estimated date of delivery for the dolls is around the 10th of November.

You can adopt your Ettie HERE.
I will show a face up by me, but you can also commission a face up by my friend the artist Heliantas!

Thank you so very much for your interest in my work everyone! ^^

Now, the photos of Ettie; cause I have to watch my path in case the postman arrives with all the suzys… LOL


  1. Hello, Circus Kane. I’m new to BJD’s. I’ve been looking at other artist’s work and yours is the 1st. blog I’ve subscibed to. Your work is miraculous. The sculpting just begs to be touched. The lines and shadows on your dolls are just lovely. I am dying to start my own figures. If I show some restraint and respect will you answer questions about your doll’s construction?

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