Suzy’s arrival; suzy’s surprises and.. A squid.


Yes, you guessed well : the Suzy arrived at my place!!! ACHEE KAPAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!
It’s really a big big joy to see all these little smiles invading my studio and even whole home!!

I started the shipping… TODAY! Because I know that many many of you are really impatient to get their funny elves ^^
I, anyway, ask for a few days to ship them all for they are more than 70 to be shipped and it takes a little while to close all these boxes… lol

I also start the painting of those with a face up by me 😀
I received everyone’s email, and I want to thank you for your fast answers; am a little late to answer back though, well because I paint your babies! ^^
But I’ll answer the fastest I can anyway ^^

SO! we said SURPRISES in the title… What surprises then???

The surprise is that I got a little colorful gang to introduce tonight…
Please, meet Skyblue, SweetGreen, PinkTutu and Toffee Suzy!

I only have a VERY FEW colored, so if you are interested in them, please contact me ASAP cause they are reserved pretty fast!
I also have a few cream Suzy left… but just a VERY VERY few!! so again, let me know asap in case you want to adopt yours!

Oh and YES, Ettie’s Preorder is still open HERE ^^

Also, allow me to introduce you the second head for my Plum Body (previously presented on Ches, the Cheshire Cat ^^)
BLOOP! The squid!
Her face, as Ches one, allows to paint her open or closed eyes!
I hope you’ll enjoy her ^^
More heads are to come : the unicorn, the doe and the Pudding girl ^^

And now…. PICTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURES of all this tiny crowd! ^^


  1. Oh wow oh wow my heart goes boombitty boom boom boom again!! Neffie baby……………………….. Suzy truly brings great joy and actually memories of my childhood, that feeling you get as a child of excitement and anticipation. In love in love in love…… Fact! XXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. ohhh ! Elle est trop belle la Suzy verte *o* !!!!
    Bravo pour le petit calamar !!!!! il est a croquer <3<3 !!!

  3. I thought Cheshire was super cute but you know what? Squid’s exotic head surely takes the lead so far on my personal list! And I love love love that they are the same size as adorable Suzy – so many possibilities for them… So many surprises, so much news – your turn every day into Christmas for your fans! Thank you!!

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