News for the Ldoll… and Video Interview!

First of all…. YES, I am almost done with the face up for suzy! No worries if you requested one from me, I am about being done with the 38 I had to make. I also shipped many dolls, and no worries, if you didn’t get my tracking number’s email yet, your turn will be there these very days ^^ I do my utmost to make it the fastest I can. So far 83 suzy are sold, that makes a lot of dolls to check, to put the eyes in, the head on, and the pack; but am almost done! YAY!

You may have heard a rumor saying that I am a living rubber toy… mhhhhhh… It’s pretty true! I recently made a video interview for Art Dolls Today and I realized that I look like and SOUND like rubber toy : press me and I’ll go “Boink” or something like that! LOL
Those of you whom know me won’t be shocked to discover a funny kid talking on this video; for those whom don’t know me well yet.. Take a deep breathe, sit down, and once the shock’s away; you’ll laugh as everybody does LOL
You can see that interview THERE!

As many of you know, my dolls are very often painted by the artist Heliantas, my friend whom makes awesome paintings on them. This collaboration which is really for me a bliss, will go a little farer very soon; as Heliantas very kindly

offered me to be a part of her booth at the Ldoll BJD convention in Lyon, France.
I cannot attempt the show myself, but my sweet friend allows me to be there anyway!

First of all, We Officially Announce that 4 Suzy’s fullset will be for sale in Ldoll!
A normal skin one, a blue one, a green one, and a toffee one. What you see is what you get : those fullsets include wigs, outfits, complete face up/body blushing and Mr Morphoblob fully painted as well…

Heliantas and I, to allow the visitors to have a chance to get those fullsets exclusively made for Ldoll, will take NO RESERVATION for them. It’s based on the fairest principle : first arrived, first served.

For my non french friends, yes, due to some cancellations, I do have a few suzy left, most of them are colored; and yes, Heliantas can give you a slot for a fullset. Or a faceup/body blushing.
She will also take commissions for Ettie!

To contact heliantas : Please, click HERE!
The preoder of Ettie will close in a few days, in about two weeks to be precise, so if you want one or for me to reserve one for you, please drop me an email at

To visit Ettie’s preorder, please Click HERE!

There will be some more surprises, but not for sale; on the booth…. I will announce that soon too ^^


Here are the photos of these fullsets ^^ hope you like them!


  1. Heliantas’ work is always breathtaking. I have to thank you for introducing her to us in the first place – I am in line for a couple of her face-ups now and I’m very excited! It is also incredibly sweet of her to help you participate I the show. Really no surprise there: your kindness attracts the most wonderful friends!

    And the video is charming, really. You know I admire your passion for life and for your work – this interview has highlighted it again… And, you are such a beautiful person, in every way possible. I’m honored to know you…

  2. Precious! Heliantas does such lovely work! Am eagerly awaiting my little Suzy and her Mr. M! Your interview was brilliant! You are such an inspiration!

  3. Oh, Nefer, you were wonderful in this interview!!! It felt like I could reach out and touch you! You have come so far in such a short amount of time. I can tell that you will be one of the world’s best artistic sculptresses of all time with all that imagination bursting out all over, lol! Love you so, Sweetness!
    Congrats on the perfect interview. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Love the interview Nefer, you are a beautiful person!
    Wonderful work from Heliantas, as ever!
    Lots of hugs

  5. You are charming and exquisite and the video captures this very well. It is an excellent interview – honest and fun and refreshing! And Heliantas has accomplished a miracle! Lace on tiny Suzy!!! I can’t wait to hear of all the oohs and aahs from collectors at LDoll. Wonderful!

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