Suzy face up….

I have been painting, painting, packing, packing, printing tags, printing tags, and shipping, shipping, shipping….
I can say that’s the only things I have done since the suzy arrived. Oh yes, and answering my best my emails. I realize that I am behind in my emails by the way…
If I ever didn’t get back to you, first I would like to sincerely apologize and ask you please to resend your message for me to reply the moment I got it in my box.
BUT, I am extremely proud to officially announce that 88 suzy sold so far, and that 38 of you requested a face up by the little me.

Did I mention I am over the moon? ^^

SO! Technically, I still have to ship 10 dolls this week and I am totally done! pheeeeeeeeeeew! Which is a very good news, because tomorrow I will post another article with NEWS

in it… RESIN news…! ^^

Before showing some face up on Suzy ( and on one Aleah too, for my darling friend Lorraine) I want to thank everyone of you for your patience, kind words, encouragements, support, trust

and for welcoming so kindly these little parts of me in your loving homes. That counts so very much to me.

I also have to announce that Ettie preorder will close at the end of the week. She is for now still available THERE, but only for a very few days. Ettie was a very peculiar doll, and she is very dear to me. She had a nice success, not a triumph,
but I am glad how she’s been welcomed ^^
Tomorrow I will announce that there is a little change in my preorders because I have a little sample dolls issue. Nothing serious, but I must make Iracebeth before Maheya. Therefore Iracebeth The Red Queen preorder will open at the end of the week, and Maheya’s preoder right after Iracebeth The Red Queen’s one!
I’ll give all the details and explanations tomorrow evening ^^ with a lot of photos! 😀

It’s time for now to show the little suzy and their friends ready for their new homes. There are only a few dolls on these pictures, because taking all 38 was a huge task and I needed to ship them quite quickly to not make you wait for too long ^^
Hope you enjoy!
First is Lorraine’s Aleah, and the suzy follow!


  1. Ohmygoodness! How absolutely adorable they are! Love the little Suzy “army”! They look too cute to dress – sweet little fairy bodies!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! every one of them!! Being an Aussie chick I am partial to the trible looking one I must say but I adore them all CONGRATULATIONS!!

  3. Dearest Nefer you have done a great job, they are all so so cute!
    Thank you for making Suzy, I love mine!

  4. T’is plain and simple really….. DIVINE!!!! Suzy and her little army of Suzies are too cute, delightful, wonderful and more….. what a sight to behold I feel like a kid again!!!!!! I am one lucky big Suzy to have been honoured and blessed with such a special little being from the hands of my dearest friend, teacher and confidante………… >>>>>> ❤ ThIs MucH and more!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. They are so amazing!!! Cute and sweet and lovable and… unique! Each of them! I am so blessed to have a Suzy coming to my place – I can’t wait to see how you painted her and I’m on pins and needles 🙂

    And that Aleah is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Nefer, is it impolite to ask what kind of paint you use on these cuties?! It looks soooo cool. Like it’s waterpaint but thicker… I just really love the effect and would love to use some on my Blythes!

  7. Of course it isn’t impolite my sweet Jo!
    I use watercolor, as you noticed, pastels, but also waterbased markers and acrylic paints ^^ hope it helps! thank you for your sweet words 🙂

  8. WOW! Thanks Nefer!! I appreciate that so much!
    Do you mean pastels as in like, the crayonlike pastels? I know nothing about pastels and paints. Which is nuts because I know a lot about every other art meduim! I need to get my knowledge in gear!

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