Resin and mistake in resin….

So! as I promised last night : here are some resin news with photos AND the explanation why I have to produce Iracebeth before Maheya…

It’s very simple : I sent all the three prototypes at the same time to my manufacturer requiring special colors : Ivory for Iracebeth and Maheya, and White for Ettie.

I received all the samples yesterday. They are awesome and so very poseable but… Look at that :

See? No…? Not really? Ok, look at that  and you’ll understand right away my problem :

Yep… My manufacturer’s workers mistaken the prototypes. And I now end up with a white Maheya and an ivory Ettie…
The good news though is that Iracebeth has her right color : Ivory.
But for Ettie, it’s an issue because I cannot show the doll how you’ll really get her, because no worries, she’ll come in white; and for Maheya, I cannot open

a preorder with a doll in the wrong color, cause it would cause TONS of issues with many people not getting what’s going on,which is very understandable.

THEREFORE, as announced, Ettie’s preoder, WHO WILL COME IN WHITE AS PROMISED, will close at the end of the week. I am now ordering new samples of Maheya in IVORY; and I can open Iracebeth’s preorder who’s already just as you’ll get her !
SO! Ettie closes this week, and Iracebeth, the red queen’s preorder opens right away. IN THE MEAN TIME, I’ll have received the new sample resin dolls in ivory for Maheya and then I’ll be capable to open her preorder right after the Red Queen’s one.
What a mess, eh?
Well I hope it doesn’t disturb you all too much and I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Truly.

Anyway, for now it is still time to order Ettie; and here are some photos of a surprised to be in white Maheya ( that I personally adore… she looks like a snow spirit with iceberg’s eyes) and of our dear Iracebeth the Red Queen in her good old ivory tone ^^
Oh and of course the pets too are there 🙂
I hope that you will forgive that mistake of my adorable manufacturer and me at the same time. I truly apologize and hope you will like the resin girls anyway ^^
Oops! before I go, as some of you asked me, OF COURSE, Maheya will be the same price than Aleah ^^ she’s her sister, same body and the resin pet is a gift, so she’ll be priced the very same; no worries ^^
So the prices are : Ettie 395$. Iracebeth 485$. Maheya 385$.

Picture time!


  1. Hi Nefer! As usual your dolls are amazing. I really can’t wait to get the Red Queen!!
    I was wondering, I get confused as to which one is which. Is it possible for you to label the pictures? Or something.. I don’t know how to do that stuff so I don’t know what to suggest…
    As for the last picture of the friends, who do they come with?! I LOVE THEM!!

  2. Oh yes yes! I do! It’s just that I get ones from you and ones from ‘Circuskane’ and the Circuskane ones, although the same as the ones from you, they end up directly in my junk box and I want them in my inbox! I don’t want to miss a thing!!!! So I had to add the Circuskane ones to my safe list and the only way I know how to do that is to reply to the email. HAHA! If there is an easier way, feel free to let me know!!

  3. Awwwwwww it’s so sweet of you!!!!
    The red queen is the last one in picture! she has those hearts shapes in her joints, very recognizable!
    The white one is Maheya.
    and the first ivory one is Ettie.
    I will anyway post an article with photos for every doll. cause it’s a bit too late for me to tag them now. But I am going to add
    description above the pics! I can do that!
    and above the pets too!!
    The one with big ears is the red queen’s one. i think she needed someone to listen to her 🙂
    The winged whale comes with Ettie, long neck ivory doll, first in pictures.
    and the white one comes with the for now white doll maheya 🙂
    Am going to put names above each pics now 🙂
    Ps : you made my day 😀

  4. Baby Doll you are making me want to start collecting dolls!!! Something i have never considered!!!! You are so FANTASTIC & your BJD are SUBLIME!!!! Whats a girl to do……?

  5. Iracebeth has become even more sublime in resin – and her poseability is fantastic. You are a magician, Nefer: you make resin come alive! All three girls look like they could just step out of the picture any time.

  6. Aww! You make my day when I look at your creations. They are sooo amazing. And you can actually see the love you put in them! It’s wonderful 🙂

  7. Elles sont superbes toutes les trois. Mon fils en veux une pour la peindre!!!
    J’adore les deux erreurs de l’usine.

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