Ldoll 2012, and official opening of Iracebeth Preorder!

First of all, this is official : IRACEBETH PREORDER IS NOW OPEN!

You can preorder your Red Queen, HERE.
The preorder will be opened all the month of October, but as already 30 iracebeth are sold, if you require me to reserve a red queen for you later, please contact me asap! Thank you so much!

Here are the photos of the very first face up I made for her. This doll belongs to my beloved friend Maria and is already on her way
to Germany.

I will show more face up for her very soon.
I also did a face up for a white Maheya, though she will proposed in Ivory resin for her preorder. This doll Belongs to my dear dear Gail

And now, Cherry on the cake!
Many of you know that it’s been the bjd con of Ldoll this week end in europe, precisely in France.
As, for now, I cannot travel as I wish for my younger one requires my full attention due to his autism; therefore I cannot leave for a week end yet;
some fantastic friends helped me to be over there and staying at home at the same time!
First of all, I’d like to introduce you my darling friend Laure; whom ran all day with dolls, wore a CK Dolls badge with my Logo on to be recognized and showed my newest dolls to
everyone in the con, she also printed and helped for my new visit cards. She has been my representative for this event, and I can’t thank her enough! PRICELESS DARLING FRIEND!!












Everyone also knows our Heliantas; whom in emergency did the make up of an Iracebeth to present her on her own booth among our Suzy Fullsets for sale and her Humpty Dumpty. She made of Iracebeth a
pirate and I think it really fits her magnificently! OF COURSE, those ordering Iracebeth can also commission a face up by Heliantas; just drop us an email ( twarkzit@hotmail.com; or Heliantass@gmail.com)
The following pictures has been taken by Laure during the show ^^ ( yep, she’s been beyond than multitasks this day as she even kept me posted live from her cellphone and hugged my sweet friend Connie Lowe from marbled Halls for me!!)
ALSO, I want everyone to applaud our Heliantas who won the Solar System custom doll contest! BRAVO SWEETIE!!!


















And to close this post, Somebody. A very special somebody to me. Whom also wore a badge she created ” Nefer Kane’s fan” with Aleah’s face on.


















This is my very beloved friend Lorraine; funder and owner of the very renown bjd forum DOLLLS,
She even proposed me a space for my dolls on the forum’s stand; she supports me constantly and we share a lot together. Please, Meet Lorraine ^^


  1. That so many wonderful people try so hard to assist you shows what an amazing person you are. But of course, we here know that already 🙂

    My Iracebeth is truly the Queen, and that Maheya is so precious and ethereal – thank you for sharing those photos, for it will be a while before we see more Maheyas. Definitely makes me look forward to them though!

  2. WOW!!! What a great read! So happy to hear so many wonderful things!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heliantas’s work. I defintitly want her to face-up my Iracebeth. I can’t wait for her!!

    The giant doll beside Iracebeth pirate; How big IS that doll!!??
    It is soo gorgeous!

  3. Fantastic!! So proud of you Neffie baby and all the wonderful things happening for you ❤ it's also good to know there are nice people\ friends around to support you when needed .. All the dolls look gorgeous! I wish I could of been there Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox <3<3<3<3<3<3 this much and more….

  4. J’aurais aimer te rencontrer! Mais j’ai bien papotté avec Laure. (qui est repartie avec une petite poissonneuse d’ailleurs XD), et j’ai bien tripatouillé Iracebeth dans tous les sens. Ces petites articulations coeur, ces grands yeux expressifs et ces mains délicates ne me sont pas insensibles du tout!!! <3.

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