News about Iracebeth and Ettie…

First tonight, a very good news : Ettie dolls will be at my place around the 15th of November ^^
For those requiring a face up by me, Please send me a note if not already done!

Here is my first face up on Ettie, it’s not really what I will propose for her as she will be in white skin and this one is Ivory.. But well, a few pictures are always nice 🙂

A GREAT news also, cause many of you wrote to me about the Suzy fullsets by Heliantas, some are for sale on Heliantas etsy shop : HERE. ^^
They are the VERY LAST suzy available as she is now totally sold out.

I received many many emails about Iracebeth and want to thank you warmly for the fantastic way you all welcomed her!
So to answer everyone : Her preorder is running till the end of the month, BUT as already 40 are adopted, I might close it earlier, so in case you want me to book you one for later, PLEASE send me an email. As every of my dolls, she’ll be produced only once ^^
You can find her preorder and different layaways options HERE. But in case you need a special layaway plan, I’m an easy going person and you can drop me an email so I can create one especially for you and your budget ^^
Her measurements are 34cm tall.
Head Circumference : 13cm
Chest: 9cm.
Waist : 6cm.
Hips : 18cm (yeah… lol)
Feet length : 2,8cm.
Arms length : 10cm.
Legs length :14cm.

Oh and… Some of you asked… Yes, I am working on two new prototypes at the moment. A very funny elf, pretty small one, her size will stand between Aleah’s and Suzy’s ones. And… Someone. Someone I deeply care about. She not a human being, she’s not an alien, she’s not an animal, she’s not a creature… It’s very hard to describe her; all I can say for now is that she is someone. And she will have some very innovative features. I will post photos probably this week…. ^^


  1. Oh wow!!! Neffie ….. Ettie is S.U.B.L.I.M.E!!! <3<3<3 The red Queen is beautiful the paint work and face ups ….. Neffie baby
    XXOoxXoOXxOoXx Oo ❤ and more! Glad I checked my mail before I go to work…. Always love to get them! 🙂

  2. ooOOO!!!! This makes me even MORE excited for my Iracebeth! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!
    LOVE the faceups. Those eyelashes are NUTS! I love how you go past the norm. Everything you do is amazing and beautiful.

  3. FAB FAB FAB FAB FAB Baby Doll. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! the make up / paint is increadible & her skin is wicked cool. Her eyes are insane, so divine. LOVE ya work chick xoxoxoxo

  4. This Iracebeth has a totally different personality from the one you painted for me – and it’s just as amazing! A friend of mine commented recently how special and unique each of your sculpts were; to this I said not just every sculpt, every individual doll of yours has its own personality, it’s own soul… And now, dear Nefer, you prove me right once again! 🙂

    I can’t wait for pictures of this new, mysterious creation too!

  5. Thank you for the measurements on Iracebeth! What size eyes does she take?

    I have made so many sketches of what I want my girl to look like!

  6. Aaaah! I love love love the way you painted Iracebeth … She is so candy goth. And her pet, with the lollipop swirl on his cute little tummy. Thank you for sharing, Nefer ❤

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