Miss Humpty Dumpty soon in resin, and some news about my preorders and Aleah!

I am pretty proud…. It doesn’t happen often, but I am pretty proud of what I’ve done the other night.
After a fight of 5 hours, many chocolate bars, three Diet Coke and a few nervous breakdown, I SUCCEEDED (hurray) to set up an online store section on this blog.
The good news is that I also found the way to create Paypal Buttons especially for the layaways options! You’ll just have to click on the layaway plan of your choice and paypal will automatically send your payment to me every month till the balance is full paid. No need to remember, no need to stress anymore about missing a date… All will be automatic!
BUT, I advise all my collectors to ask for a seat in the preorder lists in spite of the online store which will be published in a few days; because not many seats are available. I intend to keep my resin girls in VERY limited series so the best way to not miss them is to be on my lists. To do so, drop me an email at twarkzit@hotmail.com.
A personal avant premiere email will be sent to those who are on the list to allow them to send their deposit and choose their plans before the left seats will be put online for the public. In this Online Store will also be listed some resin girls with a complete custom by me. Rare Pieces, sometimes in EXTREMELY limited colors ( 3 or 4 specimen by color..) I think this Online Store is going to be easier for everyone and pretty funny too! ^^
Therefore, those who know me closely are already used to this, here is my world renown war cry : ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAAAW!!

I could also yell it when I think of Miss Humpty Dumpty… because I am overjoyed to announce that already 24 Miss Humpty Dumpty are reserved! ^^
Also 3 Louise and 7 Aranud are reserved… I am over the moon of course…
Thank you so very much everyone for these great moments of my life!!

It is now time to talk about Miss Humpty Dumpty. She will be the first preorder to be made. I received many inquiries about my dear collectors regarding her size, eye size, wig size etc…
I can now tell you that she wears 7/8 size wigs. Her eyes are 12mm. And she is ABOUT 28cm ( I will have her precise and final size when her feet will be finished.)

Here are now new WIP photos of her. She now has a full body and stands even if I need to adjust a littler her joints, she has eyes.. I was a little worried the other day because I was wondering if a wig would fit her “egg skull”. I love bald dolls, I don’t really know why… Maybe because it’s the expression of the intimate moment I spend with them whilst I work on them, still bald.. Anyway, I decided to try a lot of wigs to see how she would look… I have been extremely surprised to see that MANY style fit her unusual look! All the Wigs presented here are Goodreau Wigs.
And again, please if you want to have your Miss Humpty Dumpty, be sure to be added on my preorder list because the seats are booked very fast ^^

I must tell everyone that Miss Humpty Dumpty’s preorder will be much shorter as the wait for her to arrive will be. It took longer for Aleah because my manufacturer was in Holidays for a whole month the Celebrate the Lunar Year.

And now, for my very patient and kind collectors, here is a photo of Aleah before casting that I saved to help you in your wait ^^ She will be there very soon now ^^


  1. I had just finished sending you a message about Miss Humpty Dumpty on Fb then this popped up… Yay she’s wonderful Neffie… I will pass her down to my grand daughter when the time is right me thinks…Ohhhh you know what I love her bald too It really shows the sweetness of that face of hers.
    So my Neffie baby that is my intention to pass her down the generations…I remember a blog/post you wrote about creating these dolls that will be around for a long time…Maybe it was regarding the porceline ones….doesn’t matter. Just wanted you to know this is my intention and hope that gives you some pleasure in knowing that’s where your litle creations will be going in years to come 🙂
    Zookie love……. zookie hugs spinning across the universe to you teach ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3<3

  2. OMG!!! Miss Humpty Dumpty is sooooooooo awesome!! thank you so much for share new pictures of her with us! I can wait to have mine at home XP!!!

  3. I have three words for Miss Humpty Dumpty: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

    And in this picture Aleah is just… just… superbe. <3<3<3

  4. I really love Miss Humpty Dumpty. You have done a wonderful job on her. She’s adorable. And, of course, your Aleah is fantastic. I wish I was getting her. Maybe I’ll be able to get Miss HD. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  5. Hello my dear Laura!
    I am thrilled you like my girls so much, thank you soooooooooo very much!!!
    As for Aleah, I have someone who canceled her order today… So there is an available spot…
    Also about Miss Humpty Dumpty conditions are made to allow everyone to get one without troubles ^^
    If you ever want infos, please feel free to email me at twarkzit@hotmail.com; asking questions doesn’t force
    to buy 😉
    thank you so very much for your time looking at my modest work.

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