Official Opening of Nefer Kane Online Store, and many many news!

First of all, I am delighted tonight to announce that already 50 Humpty Dumpty are reserved! Tonight is a special event for me as it is the grand opening of my Online Store ^^
I left a few days to my collectors to have a private access to it, to allow them to preorder peacefully their Humpty Dumpty, but it is now time to allow everyone to order his doll directly from my Online Store ^^

At the top of my site, is my store, just click on ” Circus Kane Online Store”
Here is the preorder for Miss Humpty Dumpty. You will find there links for every type of Layaway.
These Paypal special set ups will allow you to have an automatic plan for your installments.
No need to remember a date anymore! Yay! Paypal will do the work for you!

I also want to announce that the Cream Color won the poll for Miss Humpty Dumpty I opened a few days ago. Thank you so very much for answering my question and all your votes!

I advise everyone wanting a Miss Humpty Dumpty to preorder her the soonest he can, because seats are limited and when the preorder will be sold out, I will close it right away to spare some waiting time to my dear collectors. Also, she will be produced only ONCE so it is now or never ^^
And as usually, if you have an unanswered question, I am at your disposal to give you an answer at

Now…. *Dundunduuuuuunduuuuuuuuun <— dramatical music*

It is time to present you Mr Sluggy Doggie who is the free pet coming along with every Miss Humpty Dumpty! He will be casted in resin, the production already started, and is jointed. He is about 3cm and… pretty cute guy ^^ I hope you will enjoy this little companion for your doll. This is a WIP photo but I will publish soon some photos of the first resin sample!

I now want to present you the most awesome face up made on Aleah so far. I must say that I have been beyond delighted to see that very one because it exactly caught the vision of Aleah I had in my mind when I sculpted her. This work of art has been executed by the great and kindest Mae from BJDCollectasy who also made me the deep honor to make a special review about aleah! you can click HERE to read it!

There is a news that everyone is waiting for, including me; Aleah’s arrival.
Well, tonight I have an AWESOME NEWS : the Aleah dolls reached the French Customs TODAY!!! Which means they will be at my place anytime now!
I will of course publish photos of the parcel opening to share this moment with all my collectors and friends ^^
The shipping will start the next day and I will of course, send private updates to the Aleah Collectors!!

I am very pleased too, to introduce you a very special outfit made by my friend, the very talented Gale from the WEEWARDROBE especially for Aleah! You can contact her if you want an outfit for your Aleah or any other BJD doll!

There will be a VERY LIMITED series of costumes available made by my adored and so close friend the AMAZING Connie Lowe from Marbled Halls especially sewn for Aleah.
But this will deserve a very special post and these very few costumes (About 4 or 5 not more) will be available here, on my site.

I received several times the same question and feel the need to answer it because it seems to be a little weird to many of my darling collectors : No, my bjd dolls are NOT published on the very well known forum Den of Angel simply because they always are “out of topic”. So, to be honest, I didn’t even try to publish a thread about Miss Humpty Dumpty because the answer is always the same and I must confess that it is frustrating to publish a nice thread, with infos, many photos and to see it deleted right away because the doll doesn’t fit the criteria. Therefore, I don’t try anymore. LOL
But my work can be seen on Flickr, on the Resin café and on many many places of the Internet thank to my very very caring and sweet collectors! This gives me the opportunity to thank them deep from my heart for such spontaneous promotion of my modest work and such enthusiasm showing my dolls! This is always a pure bliss to discover that one of you took of his time to post something about me, with photos and adorable words. I am truly extremely moved. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MY DEAR FRIENDS!!

And before I go back to my studio, I want to confirm that YES, I finished my tiny prototype and Louise and Aranud’s ones; but I will show them in time; when their preorders will open. For now, it is time for Miss Humpty Dumpty to shine the best she can ^^ I will unveil them soon anyway, do not worry ^^
I am currently working on an OOAK BJD bust… It’s been a long time since I made an OOAK.. I will show it there and already hope that you will enjoy this “peculiar” person….


  1. YaY Nefer! So Much Wonderful News – Mae did such lovely work -and the outfits, and OmG I LuV Mr Sluggie Doggie! TiGGy is working on names and a little bed for him already!
    Ms HumPTy, Aleah, Mr Sluggie Doggie and Nefer LUV – YAY!!!

    BIG HUGS TO TiGGy too ;)))))

  3. Oh my goodness, Mr. Sluggy Doggie is ADORABLE (but of course!)! I will miss out on little Sluggy, but I am more than content because I am getting not one, but TWO Aleahs and am SO excited to know they are so close!! The pics of the face-up by Mae are absolute PERFECTION!!! (DollZ, can’t wait to see pics of Tiggy with Mr. Sluggy Doggie!! ) Love and hugs, dear Nefer!

    pure bliss to read your comment!!!!!
    Indeed, indeed : Mae made AN INCREDIBLE face up; and as you know me so well, I can tell you that I have been totally speechless and stupefied to see how she caught EXACTLY what I had in
    mind whilst sculpting Aleah!! a waifed bald elf… so lifelike… Bless our Mae and her talent :))))
    Your aleahs are about to be there…. Oh god I am so EXCITED and cannot wait anymore to see what you will do with yours my beloved friend!!! <3<3<3

  5. Nefer I absolutely LOVE the face up that Mae has given Aleah! She looks even more like the magical little waif that she is now!
    I just want to say Thank You also to YOU….. I have never met someone with such a kind and loving spirit as you… comes across in every piece of your art, in your emails, even your blog posts are full of such love and care for others, and it’s a wonderful thing! Love and peace to you!
    Roni 🙂

  6. WOW!!To think I knew you when…..I adore your Sluggy,and Arnaud and Louise???I feel like Rip Van Winkle must have felt when awakening after a 20 year nap!WHAT HAPPENED WHILE I WAS SLEEPING???I have always adored your work but it is you that makes each work of art so special.As long as there is you Nefer, putting your heart and soul into all you do…..well, we are all better off for knowing you.I love you sweetie and I am so FREAKING PROUD of you….MUWA! OH and I want the dolls of yor sons and can I have one of YOU TOO?Next time,if I am rude enough to go into a coma…..WAKe ME UP…lol<3

  7. I am so excited for you dear Nefere! I can not wait for my darling girl to arrive home…her name is ready. And I am working on a wig for her as well!
    Hugs and deep appreciation dearest friend!!!

  8. Dear Nefer,
    Thank you a gazillion times, for all the wonderful, amazing creations you are sharing! YOU are OOAK.

  9. I want to thank you Nefer for posting my outfit for Aleah, you are tooooo kind!! I am honored to be called your friend. I am working on a couple of new outfits for Paulette and am anxiously waiting for Aleah.

  10. Congratulations Nefer, I’m so happy for you that so many people have taken your little resin sweethearts to their hearts.

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