Aleah’s arrival!

Everyone knows that I am stuck in bed with both of my sons for we caught one of the worst colds in the world. I, first, want to thank everyone of you for the support and affection you brought to our family when Arnaud has been so very poorly and in a very worrying state. You are all SUBLIME! Thank you so very much! Fortunately, the boys start to recover and so am I.

Anyway, Yesterday as I could finally get up from my bed,I was dragging my handkerchief and cough all around the house, wondering what I could do to distract the boys from their illness, when someone rang at the portal of the house….
“I got a big parcel for you Miss Kane!”
I ran outside.. No, I lie : ” I drag myself outside” is more accurate and saw on the very big indeed parcel many beautiful chinese signs…
It’s silly to say, but from our path to the door, I needed about 10mn to bring the parcel home… It was INCREDIBLY heavy and pretty huge. As I am almost incapable these to carry the weight of my own body these days, believe me : it hasn’t been a piece of cake to take all these 75 girls in my living room!
I had a sigh of intense joy…. No, not because of the dolls : I didn’t open the parcel yet by that time; but because I was totally exhausted and that I SAT DOWN. ( you can laugh… lol)

Mom gave me one of her super knives that if you touch it the wrong way, you get amputated and I opened the box.

Believe me or not : when I opened that enormous box, I’ve been stirred. To see all these lovely light green silky bags and all these little dolls truly moved me. First because I could be now sure that a container of Olive Oil ( or whatever) did NOT run all over my dolls during the travel… Notice that I am a shipping-anxious-dollmaker. But also because I suddenly REALIZED how many Aleah were adopted.
It’s silly to say, but when you say ” 72 are adopted”, well the “72” is nothing but an abstract number. It doesn’t really “mean” something… But when you see the 72 girls that YOU sculpted ready to get to their new homes; trust me : it’s a shock and quite an incredible bliss!

Anybody knowing me a little would tell you that I am a sort of frenzied maniac who never backs up. Well, it’s pretty true. Therefore, according to my reputation and in spite of my fever, I started to check every doll from Tabi Feet to skull and every pair of glass eyes to be sure every single one was okay.
ALL ARE PERFECT. That’s also a great relief for me!

Then it’s been the final and worst test : do the boxes I ordered fit the doll and cushion for shipping?
YES! They do! Which is pretty amazing because I always get totally lost about measuring, and that, in any metric system. I can tell you that these boxes to be perfect is the greatest surprise I could have! LOL

At this moment of the day, I was pretty emotional because truly tired and feverish therefore I decided to remain in a brave attitude and drank a diet coke to keep my own dignity.

and then… I saw something almost nobody knows about… That was the juicy cherry on my parcel’s cake : the very limited colored Aleahs I ordered.
Only 3 of every color exist. 3 blue, 3 green, 3 lilac and 3 gray…. They are purely awesome.
One Lilac is for My MFF Carlanne. One green is for the original Aleah, Aleah Klay who is a very very dear friend and whom allowed me to name my first resin after her. One of each color is for My Otherself, My P<3. One of each color is for a little someone who started to collect resin and porcelain BJD and that I adore more than myself, My Elder Son Louis. I will, by the way customize his colored girls and will publish the results here ( he allowed me to show his collection which has been started by a porcelain girl of mine and by a resin doll from Our P<3) then… The rest of the colored girls will also be customized by me, and sold, if someone wants to adopt them ^^
There will be a few cream Aleahs left… I for now don’t know if I ever want to sell them or not… Aleah is my first resin one and she will never be produced again so maybe these little ones will remain by my side.. I for now did not decide. Therefore, if you ever are interested in a cream aleah, contact me as soon as you can because only a very few will be available.

Aleah has been an incredible journey for me. A marvelous travel made with everyone of you because I sculpted her almost in public, because that’s the way My P<3 changed my life and the way I work, because it’s been the first time for me to see so many dolls of mine and to realize that you all welcomed her very warmly in the resin dolls world.
I want to thank you all. Every moment of this journey has been a real bliss only because of you, my friends, my collectors, my fans.. THANK YOU.

Well, it’s been time for me this afternoon to wear my gas mask to spray some MSC on the 24 dolls I have to paint, and believe me, with a nose full like an egg and coughing like a gargoyle : wearing a gas mask has been pretty Rock ‘n’ Roll! LOL

By the way, if you didn’t send me which face up you want if you are on the face up list, it’s time now to do it  as I start them TONIGHT!

My mother and I spent our week end packing individually the Aleahs without face up and the shipping will start Monday morning thanks to my father ( Yep… I got a great team! ^^)
Talking about that, every parcel will require a signature for a delivery, I chose that option for a safer shipping; and everyone will get his international ( or not if you’re in France) tracking number. Just allow me a little time to send every code by email because whilst am packing and painting, I cannot email at the same time. So no worries everyone will get his tracking number, but I may need just a couple of days to send it ^^

It is now time to open the parcel with you in Pictures, as I sculpted aleah with you all online ^^ To give you an overview of the cream as of the colored very limited aleahs. I hope you’ll enjoy ^^


    Divine DIVINE Divine!!!!!!!! Thats all I got!!!!
    No wait…………..LoVe LoVe LovE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Such a pleasure to share this adventure with you my sweet,, I cannot wait to simply kiss her;)

    hugs,,, Kimx

  4. They look soooo beautiful my sweet, I’m happy for you cause you are just at the door steps, opening that door…the one that will take you very far!
    Love you and think of you very very often!!!!! MLPSG&P!!!!!!!

  5. I’m sorry that you and your sons’ have been ill. I hope you are all feeling better very soon. Congratulations on all the Aleah’s arriving and all without a problem. I think she is beautiful in all her colors.

  6. Ah, Nefer, I’ve been dreaming of this day! Congratulations on your 72 miracle girls – they are even so beautiful just as they are. And, please, you and your boys get well soon!

  7. What a wonderful and exciting time this must have been for you. Love the looks of all the colors and tht girl is so sweet. I wish I had been able to get one of her, but will certainly be very excited when my little Humpty Dumpty arrives. Best of all things to you as you deserve it.

  8. coucou!! bon bien sur j ai rien compris a l article ! ; )
    Afin je croi que tu a commandé des modelle de tes poupette en plastique pour faire des poupée?? afin lol c bizarre peut étre se que je dit! entou cas j adore elles sont trop mimi avec leur petite z oreilles vers le bas. ; ) bizzz gros

  9. OH Happy Days! Congratulations on these amazing new born babies, dear Nefer!
    I hope you and your sons will get better soon.

  10. Oh, how awesome! So many beautiful Aleahs in one big pile. 🙂

    I hope you and your sons will fully recover from the flu soon — my husband and I have just been through the flu from hell a few weeks ago (and I actually broke a rib from coughing so much), so I can really sympathize!

  11. Des félicitations, beau Nefer ….. j’ai aimé votre travail très longtemps et un jour I’ ; le ll ne pas être si pauvre, et MOI posséderons au moins un chef d’oeuvre fait par : Nefer Kane ! ! Bénédictions à vous, mon ami. Appréciez vos avantages durement gagnés, comme vous le méritez ! Aimez, Faye

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