And Meanwhile, Nefer was working….

Since Saturday when I received the Aleahs, I must say that I worked harder than ever.

It’s silly to say, but packing so many dolls is a huge task! Also printing all the online shipping tags is also very time

consuming, but I enjoyed to see all these little nude dolls flying like a flock of butterflies to their new homes. And I already received a very few DELIGHTFUL emails from french collectors whom already received theirs. It’s been a PURE moment of joy for me to read how happy they are! PRICELESS!

Almost all the nude girls are shipped. I am currently sending the tracking numbers to everyone.
But this is not the only task I have : I have 24 face ups to make! I already done 9 of them. I spent all my nights painting and blushing the girls… it’s very very pleasant indeed!

Therefore today, are leaving the first face ups among some nude Aleahs.
I wanted to share with you some of them. Not all of them though because I cannot spend too much time taking photos for I still have a lot to do!

I am also very very pleased to announce that a gray Aleah and a Blue Aleah are adopted. Therefore these colors will not be available anymore to the public. I still have a green one, and a purple one. Contact me through email if you are interested ^^


I hope you’ll enjoy the photos. The Purple one belongs to Carlanne Marie. The Blue one to Sheryl Simokat. The one with Natural face up to Pattee Graham. The funky face up one to Zookie Brewer. And the Matrioshka face up one to Ona Claes.


  1. LUV these pics soooo MuCH!!! Sent you email but it keeps getting returned all of the sudden – WAAATs Up Wids DaT?! – Ooosp, TiGGy is apparently online…

  2. I totally love them all… Wish I could afford a beloved doll from you sweetie ❤ ❤ Love you and all the luck on your venture.. ❤ ❤ Jessi

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