Humpty Dumpty’s news, Page’s news and… Tons of news!

I am extremely pleased tonight because I have a bunch of good news to share with everyone ^^


First, I painted 10 more aleahs this week end and they are ready to ship tomorrow morning! YAY!

That face up venture and the fact that it’s raining today, which means no MSC spraying led me to think that I

didn’t buy something I am drooling for since a couple of years now, which is absurd cause I now can afford it. Therefore, I am profoundly pleased to say that I am going to receive very soon an airbursh!! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! I am totally over the moon!!

Another good news is that I sold 8 Aleahs this week end, therefore only 2 are available now. It means that so far, 80 Aleahs have been adopted and it fills me with pride and bliss!

I know that many of you are impatiently waiting for Humpty Dumpty’s news…. I HAVE SOME!!
Our little Miss Humpty Dumpty dived into silicon and her resin samples are now being produced!
I will receive them very soon which will allow me to take a lot of photos, to show also some face ups of mine for her.
Her preorder is still open HERE, but hurry up because not many seats are left! ^^

I will make a few, just a few face ups for her BUT, tonight, I am very proud to announce a new partnership with an artist and a friend that I totally adore, Heliantas!
Heliantas and I will propose face ups for Humpty Dumpty. If the collector wants, he can contact me to have a face up by Heliantas. I will then give the email address to Heliantas who will discuss of the face up with the collector. Heliantas and I both live in France therefore, as many foreign costumers told me that they adore her work but cannot send a doll here then wait for her return, we both decided to work hand in hand. I will send the doll directly to Heliantas, which will take 48 hours for a parcel to arrive at her place, then when the face up will be done, she will post the doll to the collector.
This partnership is truly fantastic because Heliantas and I have the same vision of art dolls. Therefore, EVERY face up she make for Humpty Dumpty will be totally unique! YAY!
Here are some photos of the face ups she just made on  Aleah for french collector Luciole and herself :

The delicacy of her work and the precision of her style truly enchants me ^^

Now, some news of Page. Page’s resin samples should arrive soon now I hope. Anyway, I am very honored and pleased to announce officially that she will be sold through JPOPDOLLS!
I don’t know yet when she will available exactly and I don’t know her final price yet neither but I will post news here as soon as I have some ^^
Here are some photos of her right before the molding process.


  1. C’est magnifique !
    Mon anglais étant très limité je ne comprends pas tout ce que tu écris, malheureusement !
    Mais je trouve tes poupées très belles ! Là il est tard et je n’ai pas le temps mais un de ces jours je te demanderais les détails que je n’ai pas compris.
    A bientôt, amitiés

  2. thank you so very much Michele!! 🙂

    well, for Miss Humpty Dumpty, if you want her, hurry up because the preorder is almost sold out ^^

    thank you so much again!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. What size will Paige be? You have probably stated it earlier but I am not sure where to look. Happy to hear that HDis coming along so well and quickly.


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