Talking about dolls and changes….

It’s been asked to me a few times so I think that a public answer is probably needed about this very subject.

Some collectors of mine, wondered if I ever could take bad for them to sell a doll of mine in a few years.

Already in this sentence there’s something totally wrong : this is not a doll of mine. It is THEIR dolls. I am only the sculptor of it,

not the owner and once the doll leaves my place, I have no right on her. She belongs to the collector, not to me at all. Also, I must say that, even it can seem strange, I don’t feel like I OWN my dolls. Dolls are for me a thought, a feeling, a sensation turned into a character which is supposed, as far as I succeed sculpting her, to represent that thought, feeling, sensation etc… I don’t OWN thoughts. I SHARE them. That makes a world of difference.


I think we all evolve. Or at least should evolve. Till our last day on that earth, we all should keep on evolving. I don’t see any other valid purpose to Life than this one for becoming a better person.
I consider my dolls as a thought I share with you all, and at a very moment, this very thought of mine turned into a doll may match with what or how you feel. This is the magical moment when me, dollmaker and you, collector are gathering and sharing something extremely precious in my opinion.
This doll is meant to express your personality through my hands, your state of mind, your uniqueness also as when you adopt her, you make her totally yours and I can say that no Aleah once in their loving homes, looks like another one. Because you feed that doll with your sensitivity. I am always extremely proud and so blissful when for this very reason, one of you decides to adopt one of my girls.
BUT, I don’t expect you to remain always the very same person. To be stuck in inertia is the worst thing I could wish for you to be. Therefore, I expect you to evolve, to change, to move forward and that may mean that your collection which is the reflect of your personality will change too. That is no problem to me. And if it will happen for some of you to keep the doll I sculpted forever because it is connected to something very profound in your personality and life; I know it will happen that some of you will not keep one. And it doesn’t matter because between I and every of my collectors, it is just like a love story. In a love story, what really matters is that “IT HAS BEEN.” It is like the first kiss : it will not last forever and what really counts is that this kiss occurred because it is one of the sweetest memories that makes us happier. Always smiling when thinking about it.
If a loving moment ends, it is not a drama and it doesn’t mean that we will not have other loving moments with other dolls I will sculpt. That simple.

I must say that I live something not so usual because almost all of my collectors, and you are more than a hundred, became a friend to me. I share with everyone of you a real bond and enjoy every moment talking with you. That has been demonstrated 3 days ago for my birthday when I received so many adorable and caring wishes from all of you and even some gifts by mail! Thank you so very much for all these loving words and attentions, it truly made my YEAR!
So, having a bond with everyone of you is peculiar, but I think that friendship is when love allows differences of point of view without damaging that love. Therefore, if you evolve in a way which leads you to resell one of my dolls, it won’t change a thing between us and that loving memory shared and related to that doll will remain whilst she will fly away to complement someone else’s personality. And as I, myself, will not sculpt the same doll forever, we will have other opportunities to gather again ^^

Talking about change, I changed something in my work very recently. Thank to all of you I could afford a dream : an airbrush. I was craving for one since a very long time, about a year and a half  but never dared to spend so much money in something  which is “only for me ” and not to be used by all my family.
It’s been a bliss. Even before I got it, because I had the Extreme Luck to meet someone with an incredible competence on the subject, someone who answered all of my questions with a pure benevolence and who has probably the biggest online Models Store of France. If he introduced me to airbrushing, I introduced him to art dolls and I am very glad and honoured to call him my friend today. So, to all my European, and even all around the world as they ship worldwide, fellows who are looking for something of that kind, I advise you to get in touch with Romain from Oupsmodel Shop because he and his shop are just the best!

Working with an airbrush is just the funniest and greatest thing I ever done so far! Therefore, to answer to another question I received, if I am now working with Heliantas proposing her face ups for my dolls,  I will also propose some myself, no worries! You will still have the choice to have one by me ^^
The path is still a long before I totally master that new tool, but it’s absolutely fantastic to use!

I am also very pleased to announce tonight that Page has been shipped to me to get her face up as she will be sold through Jpopdolls with a face up by me!

I should receive Humpty Dumpty resin samples in about 10 days… I will of course publish photos as soon as I get them! I think the preorder will close pretty soon as she truly has been very well welcomed by you ^^ Therefore not many seats are now available, so hurry up if you want one ^^

A few examples of my first airbrushed face ups. They belong to Kim, Cheryl, Rose and Aleksandra ^^


  1. Darlene, I adore you and as far as I know, Love can be tactile without flesh and bones 🙂 but I think we will hug for real one day :))))))

  2. You are completely beautiful! Inside, outside, and when upside down too! I am so thrilled to have shared thoughts with you! My darling Nefer! I Heart Heart Heart you! ;D
    …lovely blog post btw…

  3. I am so FOND of you my Vickie!!!!!!! but you are way too kind to me!! I only try to be fair and open minded with my
    opinions ^^

  4. Your words show a fearlessness about sharing yourself with others. If your dolls are a thought your words are a open door. So glad you are my friend. Looking forward to more dolls done with the airbrush.

  5. I am very new to you Nefer Kane, but since reading your blog~I now feel like I have known you forever!! You are truly a gifter sculptor as well as a beautiful writer~~You gave me the warm fuzzies & I am so very happy that you chose to share your magnificent thoughts & feelings with each of us~~Dolly Hugs to you!!! JoAnn Cayce

  6. You know my Gail, I think that what is the worst in the world, is to have NO ONE to share ourselves. It happened to me. I probably have been the loneliest person in this world and went so “dark away” that I cannot fear to share myself and will probably always remain astonished to have loving people willing to receive my thoughts. It’s been my birthday 3 days ago and I had more than 3600 wishes. That made me cry, for real; because three years ago, I could have died, only my parents and children would have noticed my departure. Now, even those relatives who despised me so, call to wish a happy birthday to that girl who is a renown sculptor…. Life changes, and the lesson is to never forget what it was like to be so “dark away”, at the very end of the world, alone on its edge and ready to fall in emptiness.
    I LOVE YOU :))))))))))))) ❤

  7. I am more than glad that you enjoy my state of mind ad my work my dear Joann; thank you so much for your time reading my modest post and for your kindness about it.
    Grateful hugs to you

  8. What a beautiful post! I could feel your love all through it and feel you truly are a gem!
    Sorry I didn’t get to send you a birthday message as I didn’t know about it until just now. So please accept my very best wishes for a truly wonderful year coming your way!
    Many dolly Huggs!

  9. I have often wondered why other artists are upset when one of their sculpts is re-sold. I completely agree with you that once the doll leaves my hands, it is no longer mine and it is up to the new owner to do with it what he or she wishes.

  10. I am very honored that you enjoyed it my sweet Nancie and please, do not apologize, I cannot myself be always online and sending wishes though I love all of my friends 🙂 Life is running and we sometimes can be a little behind 🙂
    Hugs & much love to you ❤

  11. I never could get the reason why neither therefore was pretty stupefied that my collectors could think such reaction from me… It simply has no sense…. Glad to share that opinion with you honey! ❤

  12. Nefer what a beautiful blog post….. You truly “get it” about what it means to be an artist!

    I so understand about being lonely too……..I have to fight every single day against the darkness to keep it from overwhelming me. Being happy is a choice and it takes more work some days than others! I often feel as you did a while back……that if I disappeared, no one except my roommate and SOME of my children would care….or even notice. I’m slowly, hopefully, making friends in the doll world…..and maybe they will carry someday over to the “real” world!
    Thank you for bringing the light and beauty into our worlds! Whether or not I am able to get one of your dolls, I will always be grateful to have “met” you as you have a beautiful loving soul and you have changed me, and the way I see the world! This world is so much better with you in it!!!
    Love, Roni

  13. Your words and thoughts are a wonderful expression of who you truly are. I’m honored to be able to have one of your creations and will rename my Aleah- Cherish. It is to honor you always.



  14. Mon Nefer Joli,
    Aleah (Tam) is coming along although she has rejected the purple tibetan for her hair, oh dear! We are looking at white or sea foam now…l have always always appreciated your work but have always loved the creator. You create new worlds and characters for us to explore and get to know and love. You ma soeur are one of the kindest and most understanding people I know even if only far away.
    Love always

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