Ooak BJD inspired by the Great Wave, Marbled Halls designs, and a few news…

There was a long time since I sculpted an unique piece. If I already offered some of my unique pieces to some friends, and if sometimes these pieces were related to them by chance; I never sculpted an unique doll for someone. Having a piece of clay in my hand and let myself be guided just by that bond I share with someone has been a delightful experience.
But, I lie a bit. Because I sculpted this unique BJD bust not completely for someone else but for my Otherself. Therefore, WE were alone with clay, as usually because My P<3, Paulette Goodreau is the one I send WIP photos of my work and from whom I sometimes require advices when I am unsure.
No one but my mother is allowed to have an opinion whilst I am working on a piece or prototype but My P<3, it’s like the wisest echo of my hands; therefore I sometimes bother her by asking what she thinks and what should I change or not. I know that I can count on her artistic sense when mine is carried too far away..
If she has already several pieces of mine, in all the possible clays; I felt the great need to sculpt something just for her. Just because. As we should be.

This piece is named ” The Great Wave”, for it is based on Hokusai Katsushika’s painting. My P<3 and I, are sharing something about the sea. Something we could not unveil nor explain. Therefore you will forgive me to remain silent on a few aspects of this piece.
The doll represents the great waves crushing on the beach. No open waters here. Those great waves of our days wich overwhelm us, the wave of the duty and the fight to accomplish it everyday.
The porcelain hands, made also by me, are dry; flesh tone, like spared, to allow us to be the workaholics we are.
Hands are our most precious treasure and should be worn as a jewel.
But the very particularity of this piece resides in her head…. The wave bursts out of the skull, leaving it wide open.. It took me a while, but I could figure out how to process to obtain something that I don’t think someone ever did before on a doll : When My P<3 will put her ear close to the doll’s skull, she will hear the sound of the sea; as in a shell.
That sound will comfort her of life’s storms and remind her that the Little CK is always standing by her side, on the beach.

Now I’d like to share this Lovely green Aleah who is the Lilly Of The Valley’s Fairy. She belongs to Gita ^^

For the following photos, I want to sincerely thank my dear Collector and Friend Kristin who allowed me to use her Aleah for this photo shoot.
You can see her wearing an outfit especially designed for Aleah by Connie Lowe of MarbledHalls designs.
Three of these outfits are available for sale. Each outfit includes a corset, a pair of leggings, a double skirt, a nest-hat and a large hat (not shown on the photo because I am the stupidest photographer in the world… LOL)
If you are interested in one of them, please contact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

I also want to introduce you someone extremely special to me. This bunny is sold with each Eppie doll by Marbledhalls designs and is named… Arnaud. He is named Arnaud after my younger son. I could not tell nor describe how profoundly touched I have been when Connie did this. This is the most moving tribute ever done to my son and he is just perfect, as everything Connie does.
Here he is hugging Aleah :

I know that many of you are awaiting for Page’s preorder. I received her head that I had to paint as she will be sold with a face up through Jpopdolls.
Unfortunately, I can only show you a dreadful photo of her because it was raining the day I sprayed MSC on the face up and it flaked damaging the painting work… Here is a photo of the disaster and now I have to restart all over again…

To close that post, I would like to share something very personal with you : a part of my own doll’s collection. I do have many of them but I treasure them jealously and almost never show them. Some friends asked for me to share and show, but I am a very poor photographer alas… Though, the unique outfit ( not for sale) Connie sent me for MY Aleah who’s not already painted by way, decided me to show you Kristin’s Aleah with my most favorite doll, MIM.
They are both dressed in Marbled halls designs outfits.
MIM is a MSD size, she is the most phenomenal doll ever and a revolution itself. You can change her limbs by a simple clipping to turn her into a mermaid, centaur… Her eyes and wigs are of course interchangeable and she is jointed. But what created the Magic between MIM and I, is her face. She has been invented and sculpted by My P<3, Paulette Goodreau; and everytime I look at her, I await for her to talk to me because I FEEL that she is about telling me something. I have about 15 dolls and she is the one I will always cherish and treasure.
As many friends asked me, yes MIM can be purchased HERE, and yes she can be entirely customized from face up to wig, eyes, outfits and so on…


  1. Wow!!!! Neffie your P,# has brought out the best in you…. She is simply DIVINE!!!!! I am in awe! I love them all, there is something special about this particular blog today and I think it shines through.. The friendship and comraderie you have with P<3 shines here …….. I LOvE LoVe!!!!! <3<3<3 LoVe<3<3<3

  2. I love all the photos – wonderful! So happy to be expecting my own Aleah, am enjoying especially the photos of Kristin’s and Gita’s girls, both exquisite! Love your message, thank you for sharing the info 🙂

  3. Positively swooning over the Great Wave sculpt. There are simply no words – I am in awe. And Gita, how lucky are you?!??! Your green Lily of the Valley Aleah is simply stunning. Congratulations on this most gorgeous girl.

  4. aahhh,, how I desire to simple sit and watch and smile,, and dream. Perhaps one day you and I shall have a ‘moment’ in time together:)

  5. there is so much to say but I have no words to express your bust or any of it..I do love your work and passion and everything… Your Aleah’s are beautiful and MIM is also. Stunning like the artist… ❤ ❤ Jessi

  6. De bien jolies photos ,toutes ces demoiselles meritent un jardin digne d’elles.Mais peut etre au milieu de ses herbes folles se cachent d’autres petites creatures qui n’attendent que l’objectif de Nefer?Qui sait?

  7. OmiGosh I am utterly OverWhelmed by how Beautiful Aleah is with the Gorgeous sparkly flowers and manicure, and such Amazing body blushing – I am over the Moon Excited – Thank You Nefer!!!

    I am also utterly in Awe of your “Great Wave” figure, you sculpt music in clay – Play on Dear Nefer – we all need more of your Precious Muse!
    LuV to YoU!!!

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